The campground season will officially begin April 1, 2020, however, the office will not be open. The Honor System is in place for campers. Payments can be made by check and placed in the payment slot at the office along with the completed check-in form.

If you have previously made reservations for any weekend, please call the office and advise if you will or will not keep those reservations.

The following will apply to all campers until the Stay-at-Home order has been rescinded.

  • No Tent Camping allowed.
  • The bathouse will remain closed.
  • Your camper is your home while you are here.
    • Do not gather in groups of 10 or more.
    • Maintain social distancing (at least six feet from the next person) and do not go into other campers while visiting.
    • Practice social distancing while biking or walking around the campground.
  • All activities canceled.
  • No church services.

Seasonal rates still apply. If you do not wish to pay the seasonal rate until the Stay-at-Home restrictions have been lifted, please make arrangements to move your camper from the site prior to April 1.You will be charged the seasonal rate if you choose to keep your camper on a site during this time.

If you are coming in for a weekend, be sure to call and advise us of approximately when you expect to arrive so arrangements can be made for your arrival.

Monthly rates still apply. When paying your monthly rent while the office is closed, please put your check in an envelope and place it in the slot at the office, then CALL the office and inform them.

Holly Bluff Campground is not liable for any choices campers may make that do not adhere to the North Carolina guidelines.

Any further questions can be addressed by calling the office at (336) 857-2761.